​Your LTL Resource

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With more than 50 years experience in LTL Freight Services management Cove Logistics has what it takes to build an LTL freight solution to meet your every need. We partner with major Regional, Super Regional and Long Haul LTL trucking companies to provide Industry leading LTL freight movement and customer service. No matter what your business is, we can customize a solution and pricing program to meet all your LTL freight needs.

​Your Truckload Solution

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Cove Logistics has the ability to partner with thousands of Truckload carriers to customize a Truckload Supply Chain Solution for you. Whether you need transactional shipment rate quotes and freight movement or published rates and freight movement on dedicated lanes, we have what it takes to meet all your TL needs.

​Your Intermodal Option

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Cove Logistics has the ability to take advantage of Intermodal freight movement where it fits in to your supply chain needs. As Intermodal services have progressed and service improvements have been made, these services have become a very efficient and cost effective method for freight movement. On most major freight movement lanes, Intermodal can be more cost effective and comparative in service to over the road shipping. We can customize a solution for your business that takes advantage of these improved intermodal service offerings in order to best fit your needs and optimize overall freight spend.


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International Services available to meet all import and export needs.  Global reach capabilities through multiple forwarding partners to fully support your supply chain requirements.

Small Package

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Superior Rate Audit and Analytics capabilities to support improved parcel rate structure.  SHIPSTORE Transportation Management Software that optimizes carrier selection.


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Same day, next day and guaranteed services available to meet specific shipment requirements


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Cove Logistics will pull from our extensive knowledge and vast experience background in the Transportation Industry. Leadership team has extensive executive transportation management experience to customize a supply chain solution that best fits customer needs.